A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from Mrs Beryl Jones asking for Corwen Museum.  She is the granddaughter (now in her nineties) of John Roberts who owned and ran the Owain Glyndwr Hotel in Corwen in the late 1800s.  She has a couple of items connected to the Owain Glyndwr Hotel at that time that she wants to bequeath to the Museum.  She also has a wealth of stories to tell of her Corwen connections, even though she now lives in London.

She has sent me various documents relating to her grandfather, including this letter that he wrote to Lord Newborough regarding providing lunch and tea at Rhug for 700 people in 1899.  A substantial luncheon was to be had for 2 shillings (20p) a head and 6d (2.5p) a head for tea.  The letterhead is wonderful with the horses and carriages going past on the road and the Church tower peeping out of the trees.  The Hotel must have been a successful business and I cannot wait to hear more stories of what went on there.  Lindsay Watkins