Whilst the Museum is closed, we are sharing items and stories from our collections with our Facebook friends – all 800 of them – and also including some new research.  We are also starting to download digital images onto the Peoples Collection Wales and this will become a great resource for the history and heritage of the Edeyrnion Area, but it will be an ongoing project.  If you would be interested in helping with this, please get in touch through the Contacts page.

Topics mentioned on Facebook in the last couple of weeks include:-

The Mimosa and local people who made the journey to the new Welsh Colony in the Chubut Valley of Patagonia.

A celebration of local carnivals over the years since 1939.

Photos of the old Corwen cinemas.

The story of Gwyddelwern Railway Station

Queen Victoria’s visit to North Wales in 1889.

Every day from 75 years since VE Day to 75 years since VJ Day we are remembering a person named on our Edeyrnion War Memorials who died in the 2nd World War. 

For more information about any of these topics follow the link to our Facebook page.